Long Mynd Valleys (non-champ) results

Results for today's Long Mynd Valleys race are available here. This is the normal (non-championship) running.

Photos by Stuart (Highsports) are available here.

Long Mynd Valleys photos

Photos for the LMV (by Stuart from Highsports) are available here.

Long Mynd Thursday hill session

This week's Thursday hill session - 7pm meet at the cattle grid in Carding Mill valley.

Shropshire Weekend combined results

Results for the combined Titterstone Clee and Long Mynd Valleys race are available here. Well done to Jackie Lee (Eyri) and Lloyd Taggart (manx FR).

Titterstone Clee Race Results

Results for today's Titterstone Clee race (part one of the "Shropshire Weekend") are available here.