Corndon Class 2012 Results

Results for the Corndon Class are available here.
Sixty six runners took part in ideal weather - cool with sunshine.

Tuesday training session

An informal training group meets every Tuesday in the Church Stretton co-op car park at 7pm for a social run in the local hills. All welcome. Runs typically last an hour to an hour and a half, then we retire for some serious carbo loading in Housemans round the corner.

Please be aware this run is an informal group of runners with a similar interest. It has no formal relationship with Mercia Fell Runners (or anyone else). You take part at your own risk as you would if a group of friends just decided to "go into the hills".

Mortimer Forest 2012 results

Results for the Mortimer Forest race from last Sunday are available here.

Alistairs pictures are here.

Cardington Cracker Results

The Cardington Cracker race results of Sunday are available here.

Mercia Relays Website has been archived

The Mercia Relays website at will be pensioned off soon. Its contents have been archived at, please refer to that in future as the old domain name will eventually die. There is a link to the archive on the links page