The aim of the club is to promote and organise 'fell' races in and around the West Midlands.

Rodneys Pillar Results

Results for last nights Rodneys Pillar race are available here.

Summer Series After 2

Results for the summer series after 3 races are available here.

Inaugorial Mynd Dragon Results

Just when you thought it was safe to go out, the Mynd Dragon results appeared here!

Batch Bash junior results

Results from the Batch Bash junior race are now up on the results section of the website.

Summer Series Results after 2

Results for the summer series after 2 races (Wrekin Streak, Caradoc Classic) are available here.

Batch Bash Results

The results for last night's (rather wet) race are available here.

Caradoc Classic Results

The results for last night's Caradoc Classic race are available here. This is the second race in the 2014 summer series.

Shienton results

Results from tonight's Shienton Steeplechase race are available from here.

Bluebell Run (aka Run for the Wild)

Results for today's Run for the Wild (or Blue Bell) are available here.

Wrekin Streak

Results from last night's race (first in the summer series) are available here.
Pictures (from Colin Williamson) are available here.

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