The aim of the club is to promote and organise 'fell' races in and around the West Midlands.

Titterstone Clee Fell Race

Results from todays race can be viewed on the results page of the website,
Click Here for results
Click here for pictures taken by Alastair Tye near the summit

Environmental Issues - PLEASE READ THIS

The National Trust have brought to our attention a couple of issues that they are concerned about, and have asked for our help, the first is a nasty virus that is spreding across the Long Mynd and Stiperstones, the virus is called of Phytophthora (means “plant destroyer”), Phytophthora is a large group of pathogens that cause diseases in plants, you may have heard about the fungi affecting larch trees in the UK.

Shropshire Weekend 4th & 5th Feb 2013 - Weather Report - Updated 18:00 09/02/13

The weather forcast for Sunday is a cold day, with outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow, so full kit will be required for tomorrows race - NO KIT NO GO
Click Here for the BBC local weather forcast for Church Stretton

Long Mynd Valleys Race Day Update

Please note that because of the deteriorating weather forecast the Kit Requirements are now changed to WATERPROOF Tops and Bottoms to be worn or carried, all other requirements remain the same.  If necessary further bulletins will be placed on the website before the day.

The Longmynd Valleys Race Kit Requirements

Just a reminder that WATERPROOF Tops and Bottoms are required to be worn or carried, also map suitable to navigate the course, compass and whistle, together with other body cover appropriate for the weather conditions. 
These are the FRA mandatory requirements for a winter race with the Race Organisers' option to state that on this occasion waterproof rather than windproof be worn or carried.
The FRA rules state that all competitors must be prepared to accept such requirements as a condition of race entry.

NEW Registration Arrangements for the Titterstone Clee Fell Race

PLEASE NOTE   Registration will be in the Village Hall in Cleeton St Mary.  See below for details............
If you are a regular at this race you will know that the car parking etc for this race has become a problem over the years so, this year we have booked the Village Hall, this is only half a mile from the start of the race and has lots of parking room and toilets,  it is just a straight run down the road to the normal start area.

Longmynd Valleys & Titterstone Clee Race Weekend 9/10th February

Okay,  start limbering up!   The best weekend of fellrunning you can get (around these parts anyway) is about to happen. We really look forward to seeing all our faithful old friends and thank those who make this a regular club weekend.   
The weather forecast is not too bad at this moment in time, but watch this website, we will have regular updates towards the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend. 

Edale Skyline - English Champs Race - Entries

Entries are open today at

This race is the first Long race in the English Champs (the other is Wasdale) and will fill up VERY QUICKLY!


ARE YOU (WO)MAN ENOUGH! The Longmynd Valleys Race has long been known as a classic and gritty race, but put it together with the
Titterstone Clee Race the day before and a challenging weekend is promised, a few years ago this weekend challenge was all the rage, the

Longmynd Valleys Weekend 9/10th February 2013

Hope you have all dried out now from the successful Mercia Mountain Trial on the 20th, and are now getting ready for the Longmynd Valleys and Titterstone Clee Weekend in three weeks time.

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