The aim of the club is to promote and organise 'fell' races in and around the West Midlands.

Shropshire Hill Summer Series 2012 After 3 Races

Results are In! check out the results page to see the latest positions in the Summer Series, there's some new names at the top of the leader board, Dan Croft of SAC and Sam Robson lead the way, fantastic, keep it going boys, 

Gog Batch Gallop - 13th June, 6.30pm

Note the start time for this is 6.30pm not 7.30 as previously (wrongly) stated in the race information page.

Batch Bash Result

Congratulation to Jim Tinnion on organising his first full race as part of the Shropshire Fell Race Series, it's always nice to welcome on new blood into the hectic world of race organisation, I'm sure Jim will put a report on the site shortly, telling us the highs and lows of his day, and how he race went for all out local starts, young and old, Results for the seniors race will are now available by clicking here, Tom Roo, will also have the results from the junior race on line on the Mercia Website in the next couple of day.

Queen's Jubilee Beacon Chain

Mercia member Colin Williamson has organised an outing on Monday evening to visit one of the Bonfires to be lit in honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.  His Monday night "slow" running group from Shropshire Shufflers is meeting for a run at 7.00 pm in Little Stretton and after at the Ragleth Inn for beer and chips etc., and invites any Mercians who would like to join in to come for a run or do your own run and join in afterwards at the Ragleth.

Caradoc Classic - Results and Race Report

One of those wonderful wet spring evening races, warm wet rain, visability could be described as poor!

New Record for Gill Harris Round

Pete Vale, Mercia's club captain as laid down the gauntlet with a superb time doing the Gill Harris Round in 2:52:59, follow the line set be Andy Davies in what's now looking like a very good route indeed, Pete is the first person to break the 3 hour barriers, it's great to see a really fast time set, hopefully others will follow, and push the time even lower, but remember it's not all about speed, this is a classic challenge, for all to try.

Three Peaks Race

Daniel Brazier has just informed me that, as a team Mercia finished 4th at the Three Peaks race Saturday, Andy 
Davies, Will Neall, Dan Brazier, Ian Gridley. Well done guys.

The Fellsman was going on at the same time and the routes overlapped (in time) on Whernside - must have got pretty chaotic at Hill Inn!

Sheinton Steeplechase - 2nd May 2012 – Race Report

At last! Ten years since the first running of this race, the route’s ‘Slithery Hill’ finally came in to its own. As the race is traditionally held on the first Wednesday evening in May, the short steepish clay slope through the woodland at Bannister’s Coppice tends to have already become baked solid for the summer. This leaves puzzled runners enquiring ‘what slithery hill?’

Sheinton Steeplechase 2012

Results from last night's (dry!) race are now available for viewing  here.

Wrekin Streak 2012 Results

Results from Shropshire Hills Summer Series Race 1, Sponsored by  are now available now Click Here.
Full results from the junior races are now available Click Here.

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