The aim of the club is to promote and organise 'fell' races in and around the West Midlands.

Longmynd Valleys Results

Very sorry but I have a technical issue with the results, nothing to major, but I will not be able to put them onto the website till tomorrow, hopefully they will be available from about 8pm on Maonday 6th Feb

Longmynd Valleys Race Update 08.00 hrs 5th February 2012

The Longmynd Valleys Race is On - Last night saw a slow thaw set in, snow from earlier in the day is starting to melt, some of the side roads are still covered, but the main routes are all open, the hills are mainly white, but I can see lots of green poking through, current temperature is +1C, race registration will be open from 9:30 am, see you there  

Longmynd Valleys Race Update 19.00 hrs 4th February 2012

The snowy weather hit Church Stretton as forecast this afternoon, But as yet there have been no significant accumulations, we have just come back from marking some of the checkpoints and as it stands at the moment the race will take place as advertised, we will continue to keep an eye on developments throughout the night and update the website at 8.00 am. We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, please drive carefully.

Titterstone Clee Race

Titterstone Clee Race Results

Results for todays race are now in the website, click here to see them.
A race report will be up later.

LONGMYND VALLEYS WEEKEND - Update 18:00 03.02.2012

Titterstone Clee    -      The latest forecast shows it snowing from about 9 am onwards, and wind speeds of 20 mph.  Higher on the hilll wind chill is going to be considerable, runners should dress for the conditions, full body cover being essential, great care is going to be needed on the drive to Cleeton St. Mary. Make sure you have got your survivial kit, this is a remote and wild part of the country!!

Request for help to get to Titterstone Clee - OK this has now got the correct email address on it - Doh!

Can anyone help Eric, a fellow runner from overseas ?

Longmynd Valleys Weekend


Map Reading Course in Local Area

My mate Joe Faulkner (a Mercia member) is the main man organising and fronting a group of well respected athletes and experienced navigational experts who form the team "Nav 4".  They usually work out of the Lake District but, as it happens, they are due to be in the area of Shropshire/Borders on the weekend of 18/19th February.

Canock Chase Trig Points

The results for the race have been put up. You can view them by clicking here. As I was in it and finished quite late I can't comment on what happened, but conditions where excellent, sunny dry, cold but OK when running.
Pictures from Colin Williamson are available here, and those from Alistair Tye are available here.

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