The aim of the club is to promote and organise 'fell' races in and around the West Midlands.

Breiddens Results and Champs Update

The Breiddens results can now be viewed here:
There is also an update of the Mercia Champs table etc.:
(NB: if you've emailed me with corrections in the last 24 hours they probably aren't reflected in this version)

Mission Accomplised

I think we can say we had a great day, feedback from the fell running community seems to be very positive, the venue worked really well, the sun shone, and to top it all off the boys won Gold and the girls won Silver, it turned out even better than our dreams could ever have wished for. All our runners were brilliant, every last one of them did their solid best.  The Mercia Management Committee are so proud of you all and wish to thank every last one of you.

Patio table and chairs needed

Can any member who lives in the Church Stretton Area lend to the Relays a large patio table and four/six chairs for this Saturday and Sunday, that is 13/14th October.  In fact, from anywhere at all as long as they can transport it to and from the Event Centre, I would be very grateful indeed. Please email or ring 01743 352387

Longmynd Hike - Teams

Thank you all for helping to get the team entries done. I have now entered the A and B teams and we will also have a C team, I'm just awaiting the last couple of hike numbers from folks.
The teams are (in no particular order, except for the first named person who is the one who will get the confirmation of the team registration):
A: Mel Price, Andy Davies, Chris Dunkerley, Adrian Donnelly, Virgil Barton
B: Jim Tinnion, Nathan Marland, Ben Henson, Joe Faulkner, James Adney

Club chair available

Along with all office holders and ordinary members, the office of
Committee Chair will be up for election at the AGM.  The outgoing Chair,
Bob Dredge, is standing down.  As such and in accordance with the
constitution any club member may be nominated at the AGM.  If anyone
is interested in this position or wishes to nominate a member then please
contact either Bob Dredge or Paul Cadman (Acting Chair) to discuss the
role.  Alternatively, nominations for this and any other office may be
emailed to the Secretary, Arthur Clare-Hay by midnight on 7th October.


Can anybody lend us a large Whiteboard for the Relays?   What we would really like is a rolling V D U, but a large whiteboard will do perfectly.
If you can help us with this please let me know on
Grateful thanks      Pauline

Navigation Course - Sunday 30th September FREE PLACES!

We find we are now able to accept a couple more people on the NAVIGATION ON THE HILLS Course for Sunday 30th September.  This is a great opportunity to learn from the best.  Nav4 Founder and Chairman of the Adventure Racers Association and also Mercia Member Joe Faulkner, whose family hometown is Church Stretton, is spending the day with us to pass on to those who would like to learn, through his teaching skills and his amazing knowledge, how to be the best at navigating over the hills and mountains.

UKA British Hill and Fell Relays - Marshals & Helpers

The list of Marshals and Helpers for the above event is now ready for publication, if anyone has offered help for either on the day or the day before and has not had an initial email from me confirming the offer, please get in touch and lt me know.  I am happy to offer anyone who wants to help the opportunity to support Mercia on this important day in the Fellrunning calendar, please let me know if I have missed your offer.  The Marshalls and Helpers List will be published on Wednesday, so an email or a phonecall as soon as possible, definately before Wednesday would be good.&nbsp

Junior Results

Results for the Batch Bash and Ragleth Inn junior races are now up on the results page - apologies for the delay while I overcame a few technological issues. Series results to follow ASAP.

Shropshire Hill Summer Series 2012 After 6 - Final Results

The summer series for 2012 came to end following The Ragleth Inn Race last week, Steve Clae and Mel Price came out top in the Senior Mens and Senior Ladies, there were man more fantastic results, click here to see how everyone else did

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