The aim of the club is to promote and organise 'fell' races in and around the West Midlands.

Championship Weekend 9th April - Sharing transport - Matthew Clewes

I am going over to Northern Ireland to be part of the Championship Weekend on 9th April, not sure if I can race or not depending on my injured foot, but I am sure I will have a good couple of days in the Mourne Mountains.  I am wondering if any other Mercia team mates are going over too, so that I can share car hire and accommodation costs.  Travelling on Friday evening from Birmingham and returning Sunday evening.  Please call me to arrange   07970 431924.     Matthew Clewes

Shropshire Hills Winter Series 2010 - 2011 After 4 Races

The latest set of series results are now available Click Here for Full Results
Click Here for Category Results

Hopefully I have them somewhere near right, but you the runners are the best people to check them, so please report any errors or omissions to

Cardingmill Canter

I'm not sure which was the worst, marking the course out, or racing it, the weather conditions where certainly a challenge with very strong winds, especially on the second half of the course, it was one of those days you have to respect,  the people who marshall our events, certainly did not have the soft option. For the runners, it must be one of the hardest SHORT race on the circuit, so well done everyone, it was a delight to see so many runners from away trying out our hills, please come back again, our hills may not be big, but they pack a fair punch.

Articles for the Newsletter and General News

Would anybody like to write an article for our Newsletter,  it goes extrememly quiet at this time of year and Elaine our Editor cannot send out a Newsletter if there is nothing to put in it, somebody must be doing something interesting, so come on, put pen tp paper, and let's know what you are up to !!!
We are gearing up for a great Mercia Weekend at the Shrewsbury Mountaineering Hut this weekend where running, cycling and walking will be the order of the day, sounds like fun, I think!!!

KINDER TRAIL - Saturday 22nd January 2011

MERCIA MEMBER JIM TINNION successfully completed the Kinder Trial on Saturday.  The Trial is similar to (but shorter than) the Lake District Mountain Trial.  Competitors must visit a number of orienteering checkpoints in any order, before returning to the start.  The Kinder Event involves around 11 miles and 2,500' of climbing, starting and finishing at Hayfield.  Most of the action is focussed on the rough ground around and above Kinder Reservoir.  This year there were twelve checkpoints to visit and a wide variety of (mainly very rough) terrain to cross.  The ev

Arrival of NEW KIT

We have now taken receipt of the latest batch of MERCIA KIT.  Take note that the latest addiltion to the lists is a really useful SHORT SLEEVED DRIFLO, which is cheaper than most on the market at £16.00.   This top is in the Mercia colours, printed front and back, perfect for training and racing when it's toooooo cold for just a vest and toooooo hot for a long-sleeved top.  We also have the usual Club vests, Long-sleeved dri-flo's, pertex top's, shorts and the signature Fleeces.

Morning After 2010 Results

Results for the Morning After 2010 have arrived, I've pasted them results page, apologies there appearance, the format we received them in does not seem to like our website, normal service will resume soon.
Ckick Here for the results page


The Entry List for the LONG MYND VALLEYS RACE which is to be held on 6th March 2011, is already closed.  Over 450 entries have been received and the entry lists have had to be closed 5 weeks before the anticipated date. A Waiting List has been opened to cope with the extra entries that are expected over the next couple of weeks, see above for further details.

Cannock Chase Trig Points Race - Updated with Pic's

This was the 25th running of the annual Trig Points race, 137 runnners started in bright winter sunshine, conditions underfoot varied from sheet ice to ankle deep mud, with that together with an added complication of a new finish, there must have been 137 different routes used, stories at the finish were full of tales of adventures (or misadventures)as the course wound its way round the Chase, results but no record time can be found by clicking here


YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO REPLY BUT ONLY JUST...  The Dinner this year is on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 5th, after the Cardingmill Canter.  See your Xmas communication for Menu Choices and Reply Slips.  We are returning to the Buckatree Hall Hotel for this years' terrific programme of events, not only do we have a great time spending the evening will all our pals, old and new, there's loads of talk of fellrunning, continuous pictures of you all, reminders of the previous years activities etc, just the same as at races really, but you look neater!!!!!!!!!    We have plenty

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