The aim of the club is to promote and organise 'fell' races in and around the West Midlands.

Trig Points - 1st Race in 2013 Champs - This Sunday!!

Don't forget your first opportunity to score in the 2013 Mercia Champs is at the Trig points race this Sunday at 11am. It's a nice runnable route (although it's unmarked - you have to find the route yourself and race maps are available at registration). I reckon it's the easiest race to do to get a banker for a long race score you need for the champs, although there will be opportunities for higher scoring later in the year at tougher races for most of us. More details are available here.

Morning After Results

The results for the runners of the Morning After race are available here.

Devils Chair Dash Results

The results for yesterdays Devils Chair Dash are available here.There were some interesting fancy dress outfits on show - Steve Cale was particularly extreme. I'm Alistair got a photo.

Environmental Issues - Erosion on the Mynd

The article about erosion on the Mynd in the latest Mercia newsletter is also available here along with the map that shows the areas the NT want us to avoid. Please read it and act on it.

NEW EVENT - Mercia Hill Trial

UPDATE 08/01/2013: We now have 30 folks signed up, our landowner permission almost sorted with the NT, the marshalls and the registration / timing / event venue sorted. Can you all get word out to your friends and other clubs etc. and let me know if you are intending to run so I can get the right number of maps printed. I will do spares but they could cost us a pound a piece so I don't want to have loads left.

Corndon Class 2012 Results

Results for the Corndon Class are available here.
Sixty six runners took part in ideal weather - cool with sunshine.

Mortimer Forest 2012 results

Results for the Mortimer Forest race from last Sunday are available here.

Alistairs pictures are here.

Cardington Cracker Results

The Cardington Cracker race results of Sunday are available here.

Mercia Relays Website has been archived

The Mercia Relays website at will be pensioned off soon. Its contents have been archived at, please refer to that in future as the old domain name will eventually die. There is a link to the archive on the links page

Weekend Results

Mercia had good contingents out at three races over the weekend: Rhobell Fawr, Roaches and Mad Jacks. Club athletes won at both the fell races (in fact we had a 1,2 at RF and a 1,3 at Roaches) and we also had a 1,2,3 in the ladies at Mad Jacks (although being a cross country race Anna was officially running for Shrewsbury).

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