Edale Skyline - English Champs Race - Entries

Entries are open today at

This race is the first Long race in the English Champs (the other is Wasdale) and will fill up VERY QUICKLY!


ARE YOU (WO)MAN ENOUGH! The Longmynd Valleys Race has long been known as a classic and gritty race, but put it together with the
Titterstone Clee Race the day before and a challenging weekend is promised, a few years ago this weekend challenge was all the rage, the

Phil Hayes's Round on the 15/02/2012

Longmynd Valleys Weekend 9/10th February 2013

Hope you have all dried out now from the successful Mercia Mountain Trial on the 20th, and are now getting ready for the Longmynd Valleys and Titterstone Clee Weekend in three weeks time.

Gill Harris Challenge - Completed Rounds

Full Rounds of the Gill Harris Challenge have been completed by the following people, routes and split times can be viewed where available by clicked on the adjacent icon:
Keith Richards on 12/06/10  05:40 in Details
Rick Robson on 12/06/10 in 05:40 Details
Nick Kingston on 24/07/10 in 07: 24 Details