Meiri Round pics and a bit more reccying

Spent a bit of time with the camera at the weekend; accordingly the cloud was low ! Sat a.m. met Alan and Lawrie at Pont Fronwydd; sunny drive up to Bala but that was the end of the sunshine for the day. <break>
We picked up Sec 3 at the B4391, over Carnedd Iago, down by the fence, passing just L of the Duck Pool (looking very green and deep). Quad track most of the way. Hop over the fence, heather not too bad (burnt a few years ago) to base of little Arenig where there's a beautifully built little stone shelter. Tried out a few route variations on the descent, then crossed pasture at the bottom to cut out a few hundred m of tarmac. Lawrie having retrieved his car ambushed us here with a pack of sausage rolls :-)
Arenig Fawr summit in cloud, we met a lone walker. Descending to the Llyfnant col I stayed high to make the best of the running. Moel Llyfnant summit 2 more walkers. We descended the SE ridge, probably better than the direct scree descent. Long leg to Dduallt went nicely (can be seriously bad if you get the worng line!), contouring at about 450m on the W side of the valley. This time we stayed high, above the ruined farmstead. Usual crossing point for the infant R Mawddach - the gravel bank. Highly unusually we saw some walkers along this wild remote valley. Dduallt we descended the S ridge - path all the way and nice running, found the cut thru the forest and the ride to the foot of Rhobell. Looking back we couldn't help thinking it's a long way round though.
Sunday I met Yiannis Tridimas opposite Trawsfynydd NPS, the usual layby. Drove to Graigddu-Isaf, ascended Rhinog Fach then ran the remainder of Sec 2 N back to the A470. Yiannis has quite a neat route between the 2 big Rhinogydd these days: about 50 mins without pushing it. Good descent line to Llyn Du. Spent a while nailing the descent to Roman Steps. After Craig Wion I tried keeping well R of the wall - surprisingly I got a fair bit ahead of Yiannis who followed the rocky path by the wall, so I guess it's a goer.
Immediately after Craig Ddrwg we tried L and R of the lower summit. L seems best after all. After the .594 summit we sussed out the route which keeps L of Llyn Du - much better than R. Then did Yiannis's "compulsory scramble" which manages to look harder than it is - a little gem. Foel Penolau - E summit is higher on the 25k map and the most convenient, but W summit looks as high (albeit in mist with no horizon behind). Nice line across (the other) Diffwys; spent a while on the fiddly first bit of the Gyrafolen descent. Off Craig y Gwynt we headed ENE, crossing the wall just N of the wall junction. All very neat, Mr T  :-)
Took another look at the Maen Du ascent on the way home. Various playful lines up thru the crags, but a fair bit of bilberry slows things down: I'm left thinking the longer grassy line is probably best after all.
Next (probably last) recce is 14 - 15 March; will hopefully put in an appearance at Pauline's N Wales do Sat night.