Emma's Results and Thank-you's From Races This Year!

Hiya, just thought I would share my latest race experiences!
Firstly I would like to say a big thank-you to Pauline and Keith for putting together a great race like the the Stiperstones Race.
I was there on Wednesday and took part along with my dad (Phil Clarke). Overall I came 63rd, 1st in category and 2nd lady behind Mel! For the third time running I've beaten dad and this time I beat him by only 55 seconds. The race itself was really good because you have your challenging moments and your ok moments, for me the hardest part was the steepest part up to the top when on the hill. Most likely to be the easier bit was the last 4-500metres to the finish!

Pontesbury Fell Race! Here I found myself 68th overall (one place off the first page!), 1st in category and 3rd lady. Again I beat dad, this time by 44 seconds (still beat him though!). Not much, but enough to be proud of. Sorry, but again I must say a big thank-you to the organisers and everybody cheering me along on top and down below, I'm speaking for me and my dad here when saying cheering spurs us on!  

Another race I have done this year would be the Batch Bash. This race would be my favourite of the series and probably the most challenging of them all! I then found out I was 73rd overall and 1st in category.The most enjoyable bit was going past everyone on all of the climbs, and the worst would be getting out classed on size of leg and the amount of muscle! A special thank-you to Phil Harris and all of the Mercia team involved. It was a lovley race and I'm definitely doing it again!

See you soon, Emma Clarke