July 2017

Mercia News-Sheet – Issue 1 – July 2017


This is the first of an occasional and informal news-sheet. The intention is purely to communicate significant events and announcement to the membership. No fancy format, or visuals, just plain text – remember text? You have to actually concentrate and read it! It will only be an email, no paper, although copies will also be put in the members area of the Mercia website (http://merciafellrunners.org.uk/newsletters). You have to login and have member access to see those. If you haven’t got member access login and use http://merciafellrunners.org.uk/request_member_access to ask for it.



For day to day chit-chat go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/271745919515681/


Race Results – Summer Series

Results so far this summer are available at http://merciafellrunners.org.uk/node/2949


Race Results – Winter Series

Results for last year are available at http://merciafellrunners.org.uk/node/2921


Race Results – Mercia Championship

Results so far this season are available at http://merciafellrunners.org.uk/node/2934


Race Calendar

Upcoming races in and around Shropshire are listed at http://merciafellrunners.org.uk/races


Committee Meeting Minutes

These will be made available on the club website shortly.


Club Contact Points

Go to http://merciafellrunners.org.uk/contacts for email addresses of all the club contact points.


Recent Member Achievements

Mark Bollam completed the “Leventon Line” on Sunday 11th June 2017. Well done Mark! If you do not know what that is go to http://www.gofar.org.uk/LeventonsLine.html


Member Submitted Articles

Please submit anything you think may be of interest to our members to newsletter@merciafellrunners.org.uk – just the words don’t do any fancy formatting.




British Relay Championships Llanberis 15/10/17 (Pete Hudson)

We are fortunate to have a particularly strong V50 contingent this year and could certainly be leading contenders in this category at the relays later in the year.

In order to plan well in advance for entries could anyone qualifying for this age group (regardless of ability) interested in taking part contact myself - (Pete Hudson) on 07949 394584 or email petehudson2104@gmail.com or Paul Cadman on 07740 402156 or email paul@waltersmith.co.uk

We will also try to contact as many people as possible in the meantime and hopefully thwart messrs Roo, Adney and Jones poaching our potential team members!

Interest was very encouraging from those spoken to at the Callow race so thanks for that. Obviously circumstances can change over the next few months but an early indication of numbers would be most helpful.



From the treasurer (Tony Thompson)

There are still a small number of you yet to pay for this year’s membership. No more prevaricating, this is your last chance!

£13 for individual membership and £15 for families and partnerships at the same address.

Payment can be made by cheque and sent to 27 Hillside Lichfield WS14 9DH or by credit transfer to Mercia Fell Runners account at HSBC.

Bank details are: Sort Code 402818, Account Number 81897829