Club Championship Rounds 2019

Here are the races for 2019:

January 26th Tarrenhendre AS (A)
February 16th Bleasdale Circle BS (A)
February 24th Clwydian Sheeptracks AL (A)
March 2nd Carding Mill Canter AS (H)
March 23rd Llantysillio AS (A)
April 6th Howgills AL (A)
April 24th Caradoc Classic BS (H)
May 12th South Mynd Tour AL (H)
May 25th Ras Y Moelwyn AM (A)
June 9th Passing Clouds BM (H)
June 19th Pontesbury AS (H)
July 7th Callow AS (H)
July 27th Turnslack BM (A)
August 8th Middletown Hill AS (H)
August 17th Trefriw Mill AM (A)
September 7th Grisedale Horseshoe AM (A)
September 22nd Ilam AS (A)
October 5th Curbar Commotion BM (A)
October 13th Breidden Hills AM (H)
November 10th Roaches BL (H)
November 16th Tour of Pendle AL (A)
December 8th Litton Christmas Cracker BM (A)

There are 22 races in total - (9 Home and 13 Away) for our purposes both Passing Clouds and Roaches are home races - comprising 5 Long, 8 Medium and 9 Short.

Howgills, Grisedale Horseshoe and Ilam are English Championship counters, Ras Y Moelwyn is a British counter.

There are no clashes with the other National races (as popular opinion requested) which will facilitate a concerted effort by Mercians in all 3 Championships! One point to note however is that Callow is the day after Blackfell which will be a challenging double for some!

The National Championship points system will apply for 2019;

52 points for the first Mercian home, 49 for 2nd, 48 for third and so on.

In the event of more than 50 Mercians competing in a race, the 50th finisher and any subsequent runners would all gain 1 point.

Qualifying criteria;

U18 Best 4 short races
U23, Open, V40 and V50 6 best races to count which must include at least one from each distance and one away race.
V60 Best 6 races, at least one short, one medium and one away (no requirement for a long race to be included).
V70 Best 3 races any distance home or away.