Mercia Virtual Vertical Challenge

Vertical Challenge

Starting on Monday 20th April until Friday 25th (midnight), the Mercia Virtual Vertical challenge.
The Covid19 5k Challenge favoured the flat areas, this will favour hilly. This could be your hill session for the week, always thinking about training ;-)


1. 30 minute timer, which starts at the bottom of the hill you run.
2. Run as much vertical climb in 30 minutes as possible.
3. Hills must be within running distance from home to prevent unnecessary travel.
4. Those living in flatter areas can use stairs at home. Measure stairs and i’ll have to trust your result. Health & Safety, remove all obstacles on stairs, and don’t trip up coming down the stairs please.
5. Post results on Mondays post in the comments in the form of photo of watch or strava etc or in following leader board posts. Please include age category.
6. This is all about the vertical gain, descent does not cancel out any climb.
7. Cadbury creame egg for all those winning age categories.