Rainbow Run - Sunday 11th May @ 11 am

Come along and enjoy a Sunday Morning Run on May 11th in and around
Church Stretton,  this 4 1/2 mile run and Family Walk (if you
don't want to run, bring your family for the walk) starts at 11 o'clock
in Rectory Field, this is by the Scout Hut behind the Church, a lot of
Mercia members will recognise this as the field where we help out at
the Annual Bonfire.
There are no other major events that weekend
so come along and support us, we really want to raise a substantial
amount for the Lingen Davies Trust, which is the Cancer Unit Support
Charity in Shrewsbury, which unfortunately we are getting to know far
to well.
Last years we had 12 RUNNERS!       COME ON MERCIA     do a race where there are no prizes,
only a cup for the first Man and First Lady.  ALL the proceeds go
to the Lingen Davies Trust, which is going to build a new cancer unit
in the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.  They planned to take 5 years to
raise 3.5 million pounds.  In 2 1/2 years they have raised 2.5
million.  You never know what's around the corner, but when the
unexpected happens you really feel you have to try and do whatever you
can to help.
12 runners - oh dear, last year we had more people digging ditches for the National Trust than that, surely we can do better this year, bring your Mom and Dad they can enjoy the walk with their Grandchildren.
Any further details  - ring me on 01694 771674 or 07775688484 or watch the website.
See you there     Phil Harris