I think it is fair to say that I have a love hate relationship with this event. during the second weekend of May I hate it, for the rest of the year I love it!
This year I had a travelling companion in Dave Nichols so for once it was nice to be able to chat about the event before the start.
Started quite well, made it to Dent (20 miles) in just over 4 hours, then had the difficult (for me!) slog up onto Blea Moor, this bit always seems to take forever and I always take a different line! Down into Stonehouse and then the long pull up Arten Gill, started to feel unwell here, probably as a result of not eating enough, managed to struggle on eventually reaching Fleet Moss at 19.10 ish. Felt really bad coming into this checkpoint and was all for retiring, decided to take some time out, so went across the road from the checkpoint, took off my shoes and lay down!
To rub salt into the wounds the retirement bus turned up, very tempting! Dave Nichols also came in with a large group, they stayed for 10 minutes or so and headed out, decision time for me, I managed to eat a mug full of fruit cocktail and set off across Fleet Moss, which this year thankfully was quite dry.
The food kicked in and I managed to catch Dave's group at Middle Tongue, we were all officially grouped at Cray, 10 of us including Ted Adamski who has completed the Fellsman 32 times now! Suiffice to say Ted led the way!
Follow the leader then to the finish, 18.37 a PB for me, next year, get fitter, lose more weight, get through Cray, then wake up!
Cracking event, just a shame that its not circular, it does require (for me) sleeping in the vehicle and geting up at 05.00 on the Saturday!
Still beggers can't be choosers!