New Races

New Races
As promised earlier this season a new event has been planned to offer an opportunity for younger runners to have a go at fell running. In this event no senior runner can enter unless they are teamed up with an Under 16 runner. ( No junior can run without a Senior either). The combined ages of the runners will be taken into account for the prizes.
The course will be around the skyline of the Inwood. Therefore a new course has been designed with more Downhill than uphill! Could this catch on I wonder?
Date: 3rd September 2008-08
Time: 19.00 hours

Autumn relays
Following the success of the February relay for Shropshire clubs, there will be a second event held around the Inwood Batch. As this will be the last race before the Winter Series commence, it is all for fun and should provide a different perspective to to the entertainment.
Please encourage lots of support.
Teams of 4-mixed
1 lady
1 v 50
1 v 40
1 any runner will do!

Start- after the juniors race 7:30ish
Details from Rick & Jan Robson. Entries on the night £ 5.00 per team. Scratch Teams allowed- form on the night! You might want one torch per team as well just in case!!!
01743 884786 or

The Course
Start at The Ridings above Gogbatch. Descend E then follow footpath to road and proceed up ridge south of
“ Gogbatch House” to skyline ( 270m), turn R then FP back to road.

Parking agreed at Womerton .