The aim of the club is to promote and organise 'fell' races in and around the West Midlands.

Long Mynd Thursday hill session

7pm meet at Rectory field this week. Couple of races at the weekend so no heavy session, just a run with a few sets of strides.

2015-16 Winter Series results After 5

The consolidated results after 5 rounds are available here.

Long Mynd Thursday hill session

This week's session is a 7pm meet at the cattle grid in Carding Mill valley.

Long Mynd Thursday hill session

Back to the hill sessions this week - 7pm meet at the cattle grid in Carding Mill valley.

Cardingmill Canter - Saturday 12th March

Its that time of year when I'm looking for volunteers to help out at the Cardingmill Canter. If you can't or don't want to run I'd appreciate your help. I'm looking for:
Course marking (the day before, Friday)
A registration helper
Course marshals
A sweeper
A first aider
A results runner
If you'd like to help you can contact me (Dave) at: pd dot giz dot dave at gmail dot com, 01694 725597, 07850 654157

Shropshire Weekend Results

Combined results for the Shropshire Weekend are available here.

These results are across both races by adding 3 times your Titterstone time to your Long Mynd Valleys time.
Well done to local Man, Andy Davies, in winning this year after many years of being runner up.

Long Mynd Valley sresults

Results for Today's Long Mynd Valleys race are available here.

Titterstone Clee race results

Results for today's (very wet!) Tiiterstone Clee race are available here.

Mercia Hill Trial - Results

Results for the Mercia Hill Trial long course are available here, and the short course here.

Long Mynd Valleys - kit reminder

The Long Mynd Valleys race is this weekend. This is a reminder that this race is held under FRA rules and there are mandatory kit requirements. No kit, no go. If you don't know what the kit requirements are for an FRA race, then this race is not for you!

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