The aim of the club is to promote and organise 'fell' races in and around the West Midlands.

Good Reviews

 Following any of our races I like to take a look at the FRA Website Blog, normally I have to take deep breath and brace myself for a bit of criticism, some of the pundits can be a bit harsh, just a simple spelling mistake can have pages of comments, so it was with some intrepidation I looked at the blog after the Shropshire Weekend, but it was nice to see a great array of positive feed back about both races, check it out yourself from the link below, you have to scroll through a few pages till you get to the after race comments

Photo Frenzy at Shropshire Weekend

Alastair Tye

 The Shropshire Weekend seemed to bring out a frenzy of photographers to both our races, I was there for a start, with my little digi camera, pictures can be seen in the Image Gallery on this site, in addition to that we had 3 other photographers at Titterstone Clee, Alastair Tye was at the summit, my brother John was near the Radom and Brian Smith from Dudley and Kingswinford was near the finish.

Annual Dinner and Presentation Evening - 21st February 2009

The deadline for applying for tickets to the Annual Dinner and Presentation Evening for Mercia Fell Runners is fast approaching.  Don't miss this glittering occasion, it's the nearest thing we've got to the Oscars, tickets cost £16.95 each. Menu choices and reply slip were included in the recent Newsletter, if you cannot find it, try looking under the bed!

Lost & Found

A set of car keys was found on the Mynd close to the route used by the LMV, a local walker as found them and reported it to us, if any of the runners lost the said keys, please contact Pauline on and we will put you in touch.
Runner No 837 who would like to stay anonymous to save his embarassment, would like to say 'Thank You' to the runners and officals who helped him over the line at the end of the race.

Long Mynd Valleys pictures

Pictures from today's race are slowly beginning to appear on my site

And as usual Hires copies of the pictures are freely available by email from myself.....


The Long Mynd Valleys Results

Andi Davies Mercia

The morning dawned bright and fresh, the decision was made the valleys race would go ahead on an unaltered course, numbers were down, but that's not really surprising, considering the weather we have had in the last week we were lucky to have any.

Long Mynd Valleys Update 08:00 Sunday 8th February 2009

The Long Mynd on 7th Feb 2009

Yesterday saw a slow thaw of snow on all the southern flanks of the
Long Mynd, overnight temps did not drop anywhere near as much as it was
thought, we do have a forecast for some snow this afternoon but in
general everything is looking positive for today race

Long Mynd Valleys

After discussion there is every intention of putting on The Long
Mynd Valleys Race, as ever, everything is down to a last minute
decision, on what the conditions are like tomorrow, Phil has been out and
inspected parts of the course today, and further checks will be made
in the morning, if any parts of the course look too dangerous, then the
route may be modified, but at this moment in time it's very hopeful
that we'll be racing the Valleys

Titterstone Clee Race


What a wonderful days racing!

Titterstone Clee Race Pictures

There are some more pictures of today's race on my site....
 You are welcome to link to them/ use them....

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